My life is better than I could have imagined, now if I could just stay alive to enjoy it.



Brave Intent 14/11/04

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November 4

Never let people occupy to much space in your head without charging rent….

Gandhi said forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.  I would say it’s a selfish act to relieve the burden

from myself to the current tenant.

Whisper in my head…

I pray for you…Rent’s been paid..

ray davies


Brave Intent 14/11/03

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November 3

Faith without works is just a five letter word or like George Micheal sang you got have…(in the can especially)…..

God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, or sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

Externalizing our control is the hardest thing for me to do  but damn it makes life easier. Intellect and faith our sometimes at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Whisper in my head…

There is a God and your not him…repeat..












Brave Intent Of The Day 14/11/02

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November 2

The hardest thing to do with love is accept it….

One of lessons I continue to try and learn is to let people love me , to feel

that love as natural and deserving and express that emotion to the people in my life.

There are a multitude of issues I have to overcome (fear of loss, trust and loving myself first).

My focus will be on sharing my feelings. When true feelings are shared, I think 

a trust is created, bond is created and friendly environments become available that act as a catalysts in receiving and giving love.

I love you man or woman!….hey didn’t I quit drinking so I wouldn’t say that anymore. 

Whisper in my head..

You deserve to get and give love, smile:)Nirvana In Shepherd's Bush


Brave Intent 14/11/01

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November 1 

Purpose is not just living but what you live for…

I believe our primary purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t damage them to much:)

 Finding your life’s purpose takes daring and courage as it usually involves leaving  the safety of  money , secure comfortable relationships or benefits.  

 Think are you clearly doing your life’s work? It’s better to invest your time to discover what you truly want to do rather then what you feel you need to do.

Whisper In My Head

Show me my path, Show me my path



Brave Intent 14/10/31

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October 31

Action Cures Fear

It has been said fear is really when our ego doesn’t think we will get our way in the future.

Angry, is when we don’t get our way now and resentment is when we feel we haven’t gotten our way in the past.

 How do you know what your way is? By taking the action.

 image1 Remembering every action has risk , possibility and most importantly requires acceptance of result.

Whisper In My Head

Action equals acceptance, acceptance equals serenity 

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“Wow! As a nurse who does a lot of palliative care I would definitely recommend to patients and families. The book will be in my resource library.”
Laurek K
“Just like u always were and how I remember you to be…direct, to the point..edgy…poignant”
Matthew W
“I started this book and couldn’t put it down. Steve writes just like he lives, with real honesty and bravery. He isn’t afraid to share his inner demons and what he has learned from previous mistakes. His life has been anything but boring, and he has soaked up every single experience. The result is a great read that is funny at times, heart-breaking at others, and ultimately inspirational.”
Heather N
Steve Webster tells an honest, touching, heartfelt and sometimes funny story of hope and survival. You can’t help but be affected by his voice and his ability to persevere repeatedly through what most of us would consider impossible odds. Thank you Steve for sharing your story and your family’s story. It packs a punch!
Heidi K
“I send you a thousand thank you’s for all the F*ck Off’s you said under your breath and out loud at work, for your beautiful love story, and especially for helping me face Mom and Dads own journeys from a different perspective after meeting you!” – Elaine C
“My dad is awesome “
so enjoyed this story of courage and strength…i could not put the booked down once I started it….I cried , I laughed and cheered Steve on as I read…..Steve was a teenager when he lived in our city and went to school with my daughters hence felt a bit of a connection…..would I recommend this book? If you don’t read it you have missed out on something very special…….Thanks Steve…..
Margaret Popkey
“Inspirational and eloquent ….. “
Chris P
“Simple Brilliant “
Carole M
Since cancer enveloped Steve Webster’s life after resurrecting its head 4 times he has much concern about getting older.
Against all the odd he has fathered 2 children, undergone open heart surgery, spent months of his life in a medically induced coma.
Its a story of survival, strength, perseverance, hope, love and a very poignant journey
5 stars out 5 Good Reads
P Thomas

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